Remedial Massage 

Every Bodies Massage is a team of highly trained and professional Remedial Massage Therapists who can provide you with the best massage treatment available. They work closely with our physiotherapists and other health professionals to ensure the most effective treatment and get you pain free as soon as possible. Remedial Massage is beneficial to anyone suffering from a range of complaints including the following:

Headaches/migraines  |  Whiplash or car accident  |  Back pain  |  Arthritis  |  Sciatica  |  Torn or strained muscles/ligaments  |  Stress  |  Tightness or pain in the body



Sports massage is beneficial to anyone active, whether you are just beginning to get into fitness or if you are already an elite athlete, sports massage can help you.  Sports massage is tailored to your individual requirements and is either pre or post event to assist in optimal performance and recovery. Our therapists use a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques to promote healthy muscle function and repair and increase blood circulation. Sports massage can assist with the following:

Reduced injuries  |  Improved recovery time  |  Increased muscle/joint mobility and flexibility  |  Reduced muscle fatigue and cramping  |  Advances in power, speed and enduranc


If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of our fantastic Remedial Massage Therapists please contact us today for an

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Ruby Niemoeller | Remedial Therapist